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Angry Birds Hits Chrome Web Store

Peter Vesterbacka spoke at the keynote address at Google I/O and announced a desktop browser version of Angry Birds for Google Chrome, now available through the Chrome Web Sotre. The WebGL-supported game is compatible with any WebGL browsers, like Chrome and Firefox 4. However, when the game is played in Chrome, it opens Chrome-specific elements like Chrome blocks and Chrome bombs.

The new version also opens the Mighty Eagle which was originally only available in iOS versions. Gamers can expect to get over 60 frames per second using WebGL and the game can be played offline if you happen to be on the road and away from an Internet connection. Vesterbacka reminded gamers that Android users could switch from their phones to their PCs when batteries started to run out.

Rovio partnered with Microsoft in March to launch a limited edition version of Angry Birds that integrated Bing Search in its back story. The speech came just after Google had announced developer support for in-app purchases. Google will charge developers 5% of revenues from all virtual goods and Vesterbacka said he loved that number. I think it’s cool that one of the first Chrome apps, is Angry Birds. I think it’s a great way to start off the future for Google’s Chrome OS. Watch the video below to see Vesterbacka speak at the keynote address.

Photo Courtesy of dailylife
Photo Courtesy of tcheboo