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You Can Only Blame The iPad So Much

An interesting study was conducted recently by a market research firm called NPD Group. The study revealed that the iPad isn’t responsible for the current decline in the PC market. In fact, the declines were due to factors other than the rising popularity of the iPad and other media tablets. Only 14% of early iPad adopters decided against purchasing a traditional PC as a result of their tablet purchases.

While a tablet PC could theoretically be used as a replacement to a computer, consumers often do not see it that way. According to NPD’s Retail Tracking Service, consumers who spent less than $500 on a Windows consumer notebook, actually grew by 21% for the 6 months ending on March of 2011. The sector that has been hurt the most have been those notebooks costing greater than $500, rather than purchasing just any notebook.

Additionally, the increased number of accessories available to the iPad was a great way for consumers to get added enjoyment and a sense of renewal for their older pieces of technology. Although many computer manufacturers have immediately put the blame on the iPad for their poor PC sales, you can only blame the iPad so much. I believe the poor sales were due in part to circumstance, rather than the iPad being the knight in shining armor for consumers. Who ya gonna blame now, boss?

Photo Courtesy of 3GStore
Photo Courtesy of adknack