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Forget 75 Inches, 85″ 3D TV On The Way

Just three days after we covered Samsung’s 75-inch 3D TV, it appears that Bang & Olufsen heard the news. The company has just announced an 85-inch BeoVision 4-85 3D television that’s going to start shipping next month. I bet many of you were shocked when we told you that 75″ Samsung was going to set you back $17,600 but guess how much 10 extra inches costs you? The BeoVision 3D TV will retail at $85,000. Talk about sticker shock!

Before you get weak in the knees, do note that this television uses B&O’s Acoustic Lens Technology to send sound at a 180 degree angle, if that’s important to you. This will be Bang & Olufsen’s first 3D TV and it will use a plasma screen that self-adjusts to counteract the effects of aging. And for $85K, you better hope so!

The U.S. model will also ship a powered stand that will move the screen up when powered up. Electronic curtains that cover the screen will also be drawn up on power up. The aluminum-framed screen will also tilt from just pressing a button on the remote. The company is also working on a much larger, 103-inch version that is set for release later this summer, but I can only guess the price will be at least double. For all you home consumers, I’d recommend just sticking to the 55″ LED-LCD televisions as they will offer a much clearer picture without setting you back 4 Honda civics. Take a look at the video if you want to learn more!

Photo Courtesy of K8WT
Photo Courtesy of macNN