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Intel Working On 22nm Atom Silvermont

According to CNET, Intel is designing a 22 nanometer Atom chip with its new 3D transistors. The chip is codenamed Silvermont and is touted to boost performance by 37% while reducing power consumption by 50% over current 32nm chips. While CNET was unable to get hard numbers to back up the new Atom chip, I can assure that it will be a vast upgrade to current chips. These new atom chips will most likely be the driving force in future tablets, netbooks, and possibly smaller notebooks (those smaller than 12 inches).

Unfortunately, Atom Silvermont isn’t due for production until 2013, but Atom’s 32nm Cedarview, which uses the same 3D transistors will be arriving later this year. If I had to guess the processing speed on the Atom Silvermont chips, I would like to guess near 2GHz, but of course with technology moving so fast, I wouldn’t be surprised if these Atoms were closer to 3GHz than 2GHz.

Either way, if you’re one of those people who like to buy computer-related gadgets every few years, I’d highly recommend holding off another year and a half for these Silvermont chips, it will be WELL worth the wait! And if you’re looking to buy a smaller machine and don’t want to wait, definitely check out the new Acer and Samsung Chrome notebooks. Although I’m a fan of Google, those devices look like they’ll be a fun piece of technology to own!

Photo Courtesy of techspot
Photo Courtesy of TechShowNetwork