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Microsoft Restarts “I’m A PC” Ads

Microsoft is bringing back the “I’m a PC” ad campaigns, but unlike the previous commercials, the company will be focusing on customers using older Microsoft software instead of Apple. Wait, like Windows Vista? Well, kind of. The advertisements will try to make consumers understand that if they think their 2007 machines are doing a decent job, they NEED to upgrade because Windows 7 is much better than those 2007 computers’ operating systems.

And yes, you have currently remembered that Windows Vista was out in 2007. So the commercial basically says, if you like Windows Vista, switch to 7. In detail, the ad demonstrates real couples who have the “wrong” assumption that their older PCs are good enough by finding out personal PC stores built in their own homes. The ads claim to show all real people, and the commercials just started airing last night. But I have to ask, isn’t anything in technology much better after four years?

Okay, maybe not videogame consoles like Xbox360 and PS3 because they haven’t changed, but what about everything else tech-related? Computers, cameras, PC games, graphics cards, and software? Tech moves very fast, so saying that a current version of a 2007 build is better is kind of like saying, fresh sushi is better than five hour-old sushi, it’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? Well, not if you think your five-hour sushi is good enough! Check out some of the I’m a PC ads below!

Photo Courtesy of iconolith
Photo Courtesy of gynti_46