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Will The Real Mark Zuckerberg Please Stand Up?

A bankruptcy lawyer from Indianapolis has just been banned from Facebook. Why? Because his name is Mark Zuckerberg, identical to founder and CEO of Facebook. Although I wish I could report that this was the first time this happened, but I would be lying. Back in January, a 29 year-old woman named Kate Middleton was also excluded from the website after Facebook staff had noticed her name was identical to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Anyways, back to Zuckerberg. Guess what the lawyer had to do to register on Facebook in the first place? Mark S. Zuckerberg was required to send the company copies of his drivers license, birth certificate, and Indianapolis Bar Association license before they’d let him create an account. I mean, I guess it is better to exclude a few honest individuals than to include thousands of fakes, but still- sucks to be these guys!

The lawyer even started his own website, discussing the similarities and differences of the two identities. It’s cool to see the “real” Zuckerberg poke fun at the mix up, but let me ask you this: Would you bother registering for Facebook if you had to provide copies of your drivers license, birth certificate, and High School or College diploma? I know I wouldn’t go through the trouble!

Photo Courtesy of WorldEconomicForum
Photo Courtesy of iamzuckerberg