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Senators Throwing Punches At AT&T

Sprint isn’t the only one who opposes the AT&T merge with T-Mobile. A few U.S. senators have also spoken up against the deal. Although AT&T spins the deal as one that will help customers nationwide with coverage, a few senators question the spin off. Senator Al Franken (pictured top) from Minnesota stated that the acquisition would allow AT&T to raise prices and cut thousands of jobs. Senator Herb Kohl from Wisconsin also claimed that the merger would give AT&T a 43% share of the U.S. mobile market. AT&T and Verizon would share about 80% of the market if the deal went through, he said.

T-Mobile’s USA president and CEO stated that “without the merger, T-Mobile doesn’t have the resources to roll out its own LTE network…T-Mobile has been losing customers and lacks the spectrum to improve its mobile data services.” Senator Amy Klobuchar (pictured bottom) from Minnesota responded with T-Mobile bragging in their commercials of having the “nation’s largest 4G network.”

Gigi Sohn, president of Public Knowledge also noted that it didn’t make sense that AT&T states the merger will help them roll out 4G coverage to rural areas, since they could easily spend much of that money on making the network better. Sohn urges the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Federal Communications Commission to end the deal. Of course, if the deal does go through, there will only be a finite amount of time before Sprint gets overtaken and you’ve got a duopoly of wireless carriers. While AT&T is already known for expensive wireless plans and data caps, just imagine if they had double the power.

Photo Courtesy of KCIvey
Photo Courtesy of Northfield