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Twitter Creates Optimized Web App

Twitter has just announced a new version of twitter.com for mobile devices, worldwide. Twitter calls it a web app although it is actually a website. The “web app” was created to provide a high quality Twitter experience on high-end touchscreen devices, whether or not the device came packed with a Twitter app.

The company stated that this web app was specifically designed for smartphones and tablets that have more advanced browsers. Twitter also mentions that there are significant improvements that take advantage of today’s high-end mobile browsers such as touch gestures and a large screen.

Additional features supported include; timeline, @mentions, messages that you can read in conversation view, search, trending topics, lists, and more. The new website is currently being tested out to a limited number of iPhone, iPod touch, and Android smartphones but will have a full release for everyone in the coming weeks. No mention yet on Windows Phone 7, webOS, or Symbian, but we assume that the new Twitter app will cover those operating systems as well. In conclusion, expect to see this app fly to your phone as soon as it launches, which I anticipate will before the start of June. Happy tweeting, my friends!

Photo Courtesy of Coletivo
Photo Courtesy of techspot