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VIA Releases First QuadCore Chip

While Intel and AMD dominate the majority of the computer processing market, VIA is still a key player in the system. VIA chips are typically used on smaller, lower cost devices where either budget or power concerns are key issues. The newest VIA chip is the world’s lowest power quad-core x86 processor and is named QuadCore. The brand new chip will be arriving in June of this year and will be a very efficient muti-core architecture chip that provides multi-threaded performance.

This chip is perfect for multi-tasking, multimedia playback, productivity, and internet browsing, all at the same time! The chip features a TDP (Thermal Design Power) that uses only 28 watts and features a 1.2GHz VIA QuadCore processor, 21% more efficient than the nearest competitor. What’s more, this chip is natively 64-bit and allows users to overclock their machines with its 4MB of L2 Cache and 1333MHz V4 Bus.

This means that users can purchase RAM as fast as 1333MHz speeds, which is quite good by today’s standard. With the new chip, users will also get VIA VT virtualization, a technology that lets legacy apps be used in virtual scenarios without taking a toll on performance. The chips are manufactured using 40nm process. We don’t have any word on pricing, but stay tuned for more!

Photo Courtesy of VIAgallery
Photo Courtesy of VIAgallery