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Bring The Beach To Your Computer

Ever wanted to take the beauty of a seashell’s design and implement it into a computer case? Well, regardless of your answer, Lian Li has come up with a solution to that problem. To some, this design will be cool and artistic, others too feminine, and perhaps some may think the design is lame. Regardless of your stance, you have to admit that Lian Li creatively thought this one out.

The Cowry measures to be approximately 19.7″ high, 8.6″ wide, and 16.1″ long, with enough room to fit a large 10 or 11-inch graphics card. Fear not about lack of storage because the Cowry can house up to three 3.5″ form-factor HDDs and two 2.5″ HDDs, through tool-less mounting brackets.

It seems that the curvature of the case also allows for adequate air circulation with two side mounted 4.7″ fans, removable air filters on the power supply (for all those times you need to clean Santa’s beard), and a cable clamp. If you’ve heard about Lian Li, they don’t make cases for cheap. Many of the company’s cases can cost between $200-$400 with this chassis falling somewhere in the middle of that range at $350. While not the most inventive case on the planet, it may make the right person happy! Check out the video (without sound) to see more.

Photo Courtesy of technabob
Photo Courtesy of technabob