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18 Year Old Killed From Craigslist Meetup

An innocent 18 year old from San Diego was killed after meeting “someone” on Craigslist to sell his computer for $600. Instead of an innocent meetup, three individuals showed up and murdered the 18 year old boy, stole his cash and cell phone. The three attackers are named Rashon Abernathy, Seandell Jones and Shaquille Jordan and each were charged as adults with murder and robbery. Each faces a maximum penalty of life in prison if convicted. San Diego Superior Court Judge Joseph Brannigan entered not-guilty pleas on their behalf and set the bail at $5 million for each of them.

The 18 year old victim, Garret Burki died from a gunshot wound to the chest. I don’t want to take this terrible tragedy and spin it off as a scare tactic but the Internet is a very anonymous place. You might see an advertisement on Craigslist that looks completely innocent, maybe the seller puts up a photo of himself along with the product.

For all you know though, that photo may have been pulled directly from Google images. My point being, please be careful whenever you decide to meet someone from the Internet. Have a friend or two with you during the meetup, be prepared, notify family or friends, and please watch out for yourself. Whether you’re 18 or 38, anyone can be a victim of an attack. My condolences go out to the victim and his family.

Photo Courtesy of escaped
Photo Courtesy of richardM