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OS X Lion Has iOS Feel, Go Figure!

While we don’t have a ton of information on the new Apple operating system, we do know a few things. Mac OS X Lion has some new features in its developer version, including a redesigned login screen, a detailed Reading List feature in Safari, a few new wallpapers, and a couple other performance tweaks.

The new login screen has been redesigned and has an iOS flavor to it. There is a silver-gradient backdrop along with new icons that are spread across the bottom of the screen. The icons allow the user to sleep the computer, restart, and shut down.

The aforementioned Reading List in Safari has an eyeglasses icon on the left side of Safari that allows users to enter the intuitive user interface. Some common features of the reading list include; items you have read in the past, those you have yet to read, all displayed in a neat iOS-style box format. To add to the short list of OS X leaks, there will also be a number of new apple wallpapers including a picture of an actual lion, who knew?! As a PC user, I don’t see the significance of any of these changes, but hey- I’ve never really understood Apple anyways.

Photo Courtesy of d2om
Photo Courtesy of d2om