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Protect Your Thumb Drive From Viruses, For Free!

Unlike floppy drives, modern USB devices do not have a protection switch that allows users to revert to a previous, uninfected state. So how do you protect your USB drive (thumb drive) from getting corrupted on an infected machine? USB Dummy Protect may just be your solution. USB Dummy Protect is a portable software that can be placed on any USB device.

The software is basically a fake file that takes up all the free space on the drive, and without any space left on the drive, viruses cannot write themselves onto it. The program can be run on any Windows operating system (sorry Mac folks, you’re not the center of attention here!) When USB Dummy Protect is run, the application detects the free size on the device directly after it has been started and begins to write a dummy file the same size of the drive called dummy.file.

Of course, you’ll have to run USB Dummy Protect immediately before you hook up the USB stick, delete the file, copy over the desired data, and run the program again. The only catch is that the software works on thumb drives that are 4GB or smaller and that use a FAT file system. Additionally, complex viruses can easily delete data on the drive before copying themselves to it, so this program only offers basic protection. You can download it here.

Photo Courtesy of molotalk
Photo Courtesy of molotalk