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Flash Player 10.3 Leak, Watch Hulu On Your Tablet

If you’ve ever missed one of your favorite shows, you know you can check out www.hulu.com and hopefully catch what you missed through the episode streaming service. Unfortunately, while Hulu is free on the desktop, tablet owners were not allowed to use the service on mobile devices. Although people can opt to purchase Hulu Plus, who wants to pay $8 a month to watch reruns?

According to XDAdevelopers, the latest Flash Player update (Flash 10.3) exposes a leak in Android, and this time it isn’t a security leak! XDA member bigrushdog has successfully modded his Xoom to allow for Hulu watching on the tablet device. The file is an apk (android package file).

The ONLY thing the user needs to remember when setting it up is to identify the Xoom as a desktop when installing the package (since Hulu only works on desktops). Bigrushdog also found that this seems to work on Honeycomb 3.1 which allows for Tegra hardware acceleration. There have also been reports that this works on the Asus Eee Transformer as well. Just a recap for those interested in installing the package: Uninstall Flash, Install the BRDizzled version for Flash 10.3 and change your browser UA String to desktop to watch Hulu. Here’s the thread.

Photo Courtesy of RamseyM
Photo Courtesy of 黒沢オティス