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Foldable Touchscreen Display By Samsung

Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, Samsung showed us an amazing AMOLED 4.5-inch and 19-inch transparent display. Although neither is set to enter the market in the near future, the innovation inspired further research. A new prototype foldable display has been created at Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology.

The technology contains two panels with a closing radius of only 1mm allowing them to be very close to each other when they are closed and do not appear creased when opened. Beginners luck? Nope, the researchers performed the folding and unfolding cycles 100,000 times and the 6% decrease in brightness was not visible to the human eye.

To achieve this, Samsung used commercial silicone rubber, as well as a protective glass cover that functioned as a touchscreen. Samsung plans to make foldable touchscreens, imagine that! Maybe flip phones will rise from the dead once again and screen protection manufacturers will go out of business. If you had a choice between two touchscreen smartphones, would you choose a bar phone or a flip phone? If I were given the option, I think I’d remain a fan of barphones, but of course, I am comparing older generation flip phones to futuristic ones that are likely to be razor thin (pun intended).

Photo Courtesy of 糯米饭Nuomifan.net
Photo Courtesy of Uvitra