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Introducing HP Link-5 Technology

Hewlett-Packard has recently announced a new lineup of wireless accessories that are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and HP Link-5 technology to promote mobility and ease of use. HP’s wireless mini keyboard is the perfect keyboard for users on the go who need to type on a tablet without slamming their keys on glass for a number of hours. This keyboard is as featured as your standard keyboard and is lightweight making it the perfect ultra-small accessory for your mobile device. HP’s ultrathin wireless keyboard lets you have that Mac experience without having to pay the high price.

HP also has a wireless optical comfort mouse that can be used with either hand and features an optical sensor with adjustable sensitivity, able to work on the majority of surfaces. For people who require a sharper mouse with higher dpi, users may opt for HP’s wireless laser comfort mouse that allows highly precise movement within the operating system’s user interface.

Finally, HP has a wireless mobile mouse designed for those who have tablets and notebooks. The mobile mouse is great for gaming when you don’t have the space for your clunky razer that you use for your desktop. With Link-5, these devices are able to operate at a 2.4GHz frequency, coupled with an intelligent sleep mode to ensure that these accessories last! If you’re looking for a mouse or keyboard, check out HP’s new lineup and let us know what you think! Check out the video to learn more about HP Link-5 Technology.

Photo Courtesy of AndyBryant
Photo Courtesy of callagie