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Post Anonymously On Facebook

According to TechCrunch, there is a new Chrome plugin that allows you to post anonymously on Facebook. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? The script is called Defaceable and allows people to comment anonymously to other Defaceable users both on the Facebook website as well as websites that use Facebook comments.

Defaceable works through parsing HTML code and extracting the ID of the comments being looked at, and then checking its own database for defacements it can show you. The idea was inspired by the anonymous system of Likealittle.

Defaceable users are able to comment under fruit and vegetable aliases such as “Grape” and “Eggplant” and users of the software can check back at home base and vote on top posts and trending topics. What will result of this new implementation? Well, trolls will be given more power to rule the Internet since they are now able to post whatever they please without suffering as many consequences. If you’re still interested, you can download the Chrome extension here, and if you don’t, then you won’t be able to see any of the comments. Ah, it’s always nice seeing Google strive to make the Internet more like itself.

Photo Courtesy of DennisS

  • Nameless Angel

    Hi there !
    In the Book of Revelation , the Proclamation of God’s Message was mostly done by anonymous angels , meaning the angels are nameless…