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Sony PSN Finally Back Online

After weeks of downtime, millions of stolen credit cards, a hundred million hacked accounts, and pure frustration, gamers can finally game on a network that is purportedly more secure than before. The PlayStation Network is finally back online in the United States, Canada, and Europe. With the new system, gamers are required to reset their passwords, and can enjoy the gaming they expect from the Play Station 3. Sony’s Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai gave another standard apology to customers and thanked them once again for their patience in the matter.

According to once-hacker, GeoHotz, Sony has nobody to blame but itself. While they were busy hiring lawyers to take down pirates exposing the PlayStation system, George Hotz notes that Sony should have been hiring security experts, hinting that Sony got a dose of its own medicine. I can argue the position from both sides. On one hand, Sony works hard to bring games to its customers and the company has an obligation to make sure all the programmers, developers, creators, musicians, people in marketing, finance, and QA get compensated fairly.

A lot of financial resources and human capital go into a game and to have hackers work on exploiting that system to bring free games to consumers would cause major destruction, not only for Sony, but for all the hard workers contracted by Sony. I believe hacking to be a very selfish act that does not take into account other people. Could Sony have done a better job in estimating the hackers’ potentials? Absolutely, but this is just another example of a company that made a mistake, something that happens everywhere around the world. Although this was a very big mistake, we can hope that the 3-4 weeks of downtime will result in a robust system against future attacks.

Photo Courtesy of Colony Of Gamers
Photo Courtesy of JesusH