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Your Next Coffee Table With Integrated Touch Screen

Pioneer, a global corporation in charge with designing revolutionary entertainment products is often well cited as a leader in stereo systems and speakers. Okay, so it’s not exactly a coffee table, but a table that can hold a mug on the sidelines, no doubt! The company has just revealed a 52″ Multitouch interactive discussion table called the WWS-DT101 and is inspired from Microsoft Surface.

The interactive table resembles a flat screen television that lays on a stand. It’s 52 inches of multitouch technology that allows for the best collaboration throughout the day. It supports Windows 7, 64-bit and runs on an Intel i7 CPU with 6GB of RAM.

Users will be able to hook up PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones wirelessly to the table (never thought you would hear that, did you?). Users will also be able to transfer large amounts of data through built-in USB ports in the table. The WWS-DT101 also features a PFU Scan Snap S1100 Scanner that allows users to scan any documents and display them directly on the enormous 52″ screen. This discussion table also allows users to host teleconferences and similar business purposes. Pioneer engineers are looking to bring this beautiful business powerhouse to consumers’ homes by the middle of this year. Tell us if this might be something you’d be interested, of course, assuming that it won’t cost $10,000. check out the video below to learn more.

Photo Courtesy of instablogs
Photo Courtesy of mattW