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Corsair Delivers Fast Force Series 3 SSDs

Solid-state technology is great because the drives use solid-state memory to store persistent data on the disk, allowing for much quicker access to user files. Also, rather than using a rotating disk found in traditional hard disk drives, solid-state drives do not have any such spinning disk, allowing the occasional bump on the road to not affect the drive’s data.

As you may guess, solid-state drives are a bit more useful for portable gadgets like laptops and netbooks because those are devices that actually move around and are more susceptible to drops and bumps than the desktop computer that sits by your desk all day. Since the technology is relatively new, Solid state drives are quite expensive. With that said, Corsair recently upgrade its Force Series 3 SSDs.

All of the SSDs use a 2.5″ form factor and hit read/write speeds of 550MB/520MB per second, requiring a SATA III connection. Consumers can choose one of three capacities, 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB- priced at $139, $219, and $499. While there are much better ways to spend money on computer upgrades, I do recommend getting a solid-state drive if your laptop suffers many bumps and bruises during use. For desktop PCs, I highly recommend investing any extra money on additional RAM, a new graphics card, or a cpu and not a hard drive. Drives are not pictured.

Photo Courtesy of suburban_war
Photo Courtesy of jonM