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A Second Look At The Fujitsu Loox F-07C

Fujitsu recently showed us a very cool smartphone called the Loox F-07C. While this isn’t your typical smartphone name (e.g. desire, merge, sensation, thrill), I have to give Fujitsu props for coming up with its own style. The Loox F-07C (pictured top) is a dual-mode phone that features an Intel Atom processor allowing users to have the processing power needed in a Windows 7 tablet in the bite-sized form factor of a smartphone.

The F-07C can be booted as a tablet running Windows 7 or as a smartphone running the, ugh, Symbian operating system. Sorry, not a huge fan of Symbian, but the dual-mode feature is super cool and not something you ordinarily see on today’s smartphones. The device packs a 4″ display running at 600 by 1024 pixels and the 1.2GHz aforementioned Atom cpu. If you’re into taking snapshots, fear now, this beauty comes with a 5MP rear camera, a 0.32MP front-facing camera, 1GB of RAM (to boot Windows), a 32GB SSD drive, WiFi and Bluetooth.

We don’t have the specifics on battery life but I am willing to bet it won’t be good, guessing around 2-4 hours of usable time. Of course, with the right docking option, users will be able to convert this 4″ smartphone into a desktop PC, but you’d never want to do that, unless you had eagle vision (no, that’s not a buzz word.) The second photo is a picture of an older version of the Loox. Take a look at the video for a better look at the keyboard.

Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo
Photo Courtesy of umpcportal