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HP Rolls Out 3 New Desktops W/ Ultra-Thin Monitor

It looks like Hewlett-Packard is on a roll! After just announcing a number of wireless PC accessories operating at 2.4GHz, an ultra-thin LCD display, and three new notebooks, it seems that the manufacturer is hitting the PC market hard with awesome new gadgets. This is great because I was under the impression that there was a general slowdown in the market with PC makers. At this point in time, many electronics makers are focusing on lower cost devices such as tablets and netbooks and seemingly avoiding the higher end notebooks and displays.

In either case, HP has a new lineup of desktops that come hooked up with the latest and greatest from the HP labs. Consumers will own a piece of HP LinkUP technology, allowing users to easily access files through the air from a notebook PC on a Pavilion desktop from a home network. The HP Pavilion P7 series is aimed for budget consumers with built-in support for multi-channel surround sound, options for an AMD or Intel processor, and start at just $299. Consumers also have the option of getting slim, that is, and HP Slimline s5 series that is about half the size of a typical PC.

The S5 series starts at just $329. If you’re looking for a higher end desktop but don’t want to spend a thousand dollars, check out HP’s HPE h8 series. This model includes a dedicated Nvidia or ATI graphics card and can be configured with a choice of AMD Phenom or Core i7 processors, as well as providing users of up up 24GB of RAM and three hard drives. It ships with Beats Audio and supports dual screens. The starting price is $599. Finally, HP is tossing in the x2301, a Micro Thin LED monitor into the mix. They 23″ beauty displays a 1080p resolution with glare-reducing BrightView technology while giving users the 1920 x 1080 resolution they desire. The monitor ships for $279 and is available on June 10th. The P7 and h7 will be available on May 18th, and the s5, on June 15th.

Photo Courtesy of chipchick
Photo Courtesy of chipchick
Photo Courtesy of zdnet