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Hundreds Of iPhones Flying Out The Window

People walking the streets in Shenzhen, China got quite a surprise while walking their normal routes. Hundreds of fake iPhones came flying out the window. Of course, the citizens had no way of telling whether they were fake or not unless one actually grabbed a device to take a closer look. So what exactly was going on here? Apparently four Chinese phone dealers were selling fake iPhones and were raided by Chinese police thanks to a tipster.

It must have been one of those gut-instincts to chuck a bunch of fake phones out the window because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that won’t get rid of your evidence. The dealers also attempted to burn transaction records when they realized the police were coming but thankfully the Chinese cops were able to recover the data just in time.

Kind of sounds like a movie when you think about it. Several cars and fences were damaged and dinged from the iPhones but thankfully nobody below was injured. The four suspects are now in custody and this raid is supposed to mark the beginning of a widespread crackdown against illegal activity in order to look good for the World University Summer Games held in August.

Photo Courtesy of jgarber
Photo Courtesy of jmarshall