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New iPhone Has A Very Wide Screen

It looks like specifics of the iPhone 5 design has been leaked to cell phone case manufacturers, giving some an advantage of being amongst the first to release cases for the brand new device. Well, it looks like this is working well to our advantage because we now have a better idea of the dimensions of the new iOS-powered smartphone. It looks like the new iPhone will have a much wider screen and while some speculate that Apple is increasing the screen ratio, it may just be to allow for a better resolution on the phone, while still being able to clearly see app icons.

In either case, a bigger screen is always great for developers because it gives them more to work with when it comes to designing revolutionary apps for iPhone consumers, or any smartphone owner, for that matter. On Saturday, someone saw the “newest design crystal case for apple iPhone 5g” on alibaba.com.

Whether this is a genuine case or a simple mockup, we see that the iPhone may have an edge-to-edge screen. Currently, the iPhone 4 has a 2:3 screen ratio allowing for a 960 x 640 resolution with the iPad having a 3:4 screen ratio. The wider the screen, the larger the ratio, usually. The new design kind of makes you think whether the iPad was too bulky for folks, so they tried to implement similar features into the new iPhone. Maybe Steve Jobs is a bit too obsessed with his own technology? Whatever the case, we hope you enjoy the change!

Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo
Photo Courtesy of cog_log