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Opinion: Chromebooks Will Fail

According to a posting from Macworld, Chrome notebooks are due to fail. Before you think, ugh, this is a posting from MacWorld, it was originally written by Tony Bradley from PCWorld. Whether Bradley is an Apple informant or undercover spy, it is interesting to read the three reasons he notes for chromebook’s doomsday. Bradley notes the importance of the Internet and how much we rely on the Internet for everyday computing.

Since the chromebook relies solely through the Internet to be used, what is a user to do when there is no option of Internet? While we’d like to think that the Internet is always with us, there are those times where power outages occur or when we are on the road or in the air and do not have access to the Internet. Then what? Bradley also questions whether an over reliance on cloud-based technologies is a good thing, what if something happens to that data, say if a server crashes or the information is leaked.

Bradley’s second point refers to functionality and he doesn’t see the chromebook as any more functional than a standard notebook, nor is it lighter or smaller than a standard notebook. Although he acknowledges that the chromebook has a longer battery life and boots faster, he doesn’t see this as a worthy cause of owning one. Bradley’s final point is that the only thing that would make a chromebook an attractive computing option would be if it was priced $100-$200. Ouch, let’s not bash Google to much here, the chrome book has not even been released yet. Do you guys agree with Bradley’s points? Drop us a few lines in the comment box!

Photo Courtesy of MartinB
Photo Courtesy of andyS