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Pandigital Unleashes 7″ Tablet/eReader

Pandigital has just released an eReader with Android, yay!!! The device is a seven inch tablet with a TFT LCD display, and has standard WiFi access as well as access to Barnes and Noble for eBooks. The tablet features both a front and rear-facing camera, HDMI output and a microphone-hey cool, an e-book AND video chat device! The tablet comes shipped with your basics, Facebook, Dictionary, Antivirus utility, and an OfficeSuite viewer.

What I find most appealing about this tablet is the fact that it comes shipped with an anti-virus utility. Since Android is a relatively new mobile operating system, droid users haven’t suffered any major attacks just yet. However, like any other platform, it only takes a couple years and a number of bored programmers to unleash some nasty malware for mobile devices. Most mobile malware arrives from fake apps that are usually free.

Anyways, as you can see in the lower photo, the Pandigital is a slightly thicker device, with the Kindle placed above it, but don’t forget you’re getting a full featured tablet and not just an eReader. Would I recommend it? Well, you can read books with almost any tablet nowadays so there isn’t an enormous incentive to purchase this guy, unless the price is right (with Bob Barker). We are hoping to obtain more details about pricing and availability. See the video to learn more!

Photo Courtesy of Librarianbyday
Photo Courtesy of Librarianbyday