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Now You Can Play Angry Birds in Your Browser

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available on mobile devices and now you can play it using just a browser.

Like the original app, there’s no software to download or install since it just requires a browser. Head over to chrome.angrybirds.com and start crushing the green pigs.

Angry Birds is officially available as a Chrome app but you can play the game inside any web browser including Internet Explorer and Safari using the following address: chrome.angrybirds.com. If you are playing on a less-powerful netbook or computer, consider switching to the SD (standard definition) version of the game.

Watch the following video if you are new to the Angry Birds game. It will help you understand why these birds are so angry with the green pigs.

Enjoy the game but I warn you, its very addicting.

Photo Courtesy of Etee
Photo Courtesy of Dmuth