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SanDisk Acquires SSD Manufacturer For $327M

If you use memory cards for your household gadgets, you are probably familiar with the company, SanDisk. Today, SanDisk has agreed to acquire Pliant Technology, maker of enterprise-class solid state drives for approximately $327 million in unmarked bills. SanDisk expects to close the deal by the end of Q2 of this year. While SanDisk has previously targeted NAND flash consumer products, it looks like the company might be ramping up its SSD efforts.

I guess Pliant wasn’t doing too well with in the industry and perhaps the economic toll of the recession finally made its mark on the hard drive industry. This wouldn’t surprise me as many companies these days tend to rely on older servers to cut costs. Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO of SanDisk believes the acquisition will be a powerful pairing up. He believes that SanDisk’s advanced technology roadmap and flash management, coupled with Pliant’s strengths will lead them to great reliability and performance in the Enterprise SSD market.

Would it be too assuming to predict that SanDisk will move away from its specialization in smaller memory chips or do you think they are just adding another piece to the company’s puzzle (much like Google)? Let us know what you think!

Photo Courtesy of codemartial
Photo Courtesy of fsse