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Sprint Offering $175 If You Switch Over

Sprint is now offering customers from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, $175 of store-credit to *business users who switch over to Sprint service and buy any Sprint phone. The credit was designed to “give customers a chance to try Sprint without having to worry about fees or charges for terminating their contracts with current carriers.”

This makes a lot of sense since most termination fees are close to $200 with wireless providers. This is also the perfect opportunity to those upset with either T-Mobile or AT&T. The $175 is given to those looking to buy a smartphone and a $50 credit is given to those looking to buy a low-end feature phone. Individual users will only get a $125 credit towards the purchase of a smartphone.

Consumers will not be able to get the $125 credit with a cheap phone and pocket the rest. A couple other catches to look out for: users will need to be ported from existing contracts, and they must remain active for 61 days. Also, the new Sprint users must sign up for a two year contract. The offer actually began on May 4th but wasn’t widely reported till last Thursday. Sprint’s deal is good until June 23rd and the $175 corporate offer is good till July 23rd. What do you guys think?

Photo Courtesy of @jbtaylor
Photo Courtesy of inju