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How About A Wireless External HDD?

Seagate has just launched the GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage that has been optimized specifically for the iPad. Consumers who invest in this technology will own 500GB of storage that can be taken anywhere without having to carry tangled USB wires and power cables. The device works over an 802.11 b/g/n wireless network and has a rechargeable battery.

With the latest GoFlex drive, users will be able to seamlessly transfer videos, music, pictures, and documents through the air. Users can even connect directly to the GoFlex Satellite drive simply by using the free GoFlex Media app. The battery lasts for five hours on a single charge and you’ll have to connect it to a PC via USB 3.0 to originally transfer data on it.

Seagate also has plans for releasing an Android app for the convenient hard drive later this summer. You can buy the GoFlex from Amazon for $199.99 once it hits the stores in July of this year. A global release is scheduled later this summer so hang tight. If you’ve got gigs upon gigs of data, I would skip the monthly cloud option and go with the tried and true methods of hardware storage. Check out the video below to watch Engadget’s take on the new drive.

Photo Courtesy of RobertScoble
Photo Courtesy of denn