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99.7% Of Android Users At Risk To Data Leaks

According to Adrian Kingsley Hughes from ZDNet, 99.7% of Android smartphones are leaking login information for Google services. This massive data leak may allow other cloud-stored information to be leaked as well. Where does this massive leak come from? Apparently, it is based on the way Google requests authentication tokens (tokens that exist to eliminate the hassle of logging in each time into a service).

The convenience of having these authentication tokens may be outweighed by the potential of having thieves steal the tokens over an open WiFi network. By avoiding the temptation of using your Android device over free WiFi networks in public spaces, you can already take action against possible data loss.

Another problem is that authentication tokens are not unique to their individual handsets, meaning someone else’s leaked tokens may be used to access your device. Since tokens are sometimes valid for up to two weeks, this may pose a problem to mobile users, nationwide. Instead of delving into details with what could go wrong, here’s what you can do to better protect yourself. ZDNet suggests that users upgrade their handsets to Android (if possible), offering HTTPS (secured) for Google Calendar, and Contacts Sync. Another piece of advice is to switch off automatic sync when using open WiFi, with the best option being to avoid public WiFi entirely. Until the next patch, browse safely!

Photo Courtesy of toolstop
Photo Courtesy of DellsFlickr