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Chrome OS R12 Just Released

Google has just released an updated version of Chrome OS beta. Chrome OS Revision 12 will most likely be the version sent out with the very first chromebooks from both Acer and Samsung. Some existing bugs include issues with 3G activation, the chat window, and the Angry Birds game. The 12th revision isn’t all bad though as it fixes many security issues with a revamped Adobe Flash, integrated file browser, improvements for video chat, trackpad sensitivity, and wireless connections. View the list below for Google’s Full Chrome OS R12 Update:

This release contains the following security fixes:
Disallow root escalation by creating /var/lib/chromeos-aliases.conf and inserting commands. [Credit to Chrome OS Team (Sean Paul)]
Disallow modification of about:flags in Guest mode [Credit to Chrome OS Security Team (Jim Hebert)]
Multiple package updates (openssl, dbugs, pango, sudo, strongswan, acl, libxml2, dhcpd) [Credit to Chrome OS Security Team]

In addition to all Chrome 12 new features (see Chrome 12 blogpost), there are several Chrome OS great improvements including:
File browser
Shiny new look
Improvements to GSM support
Verizon activation improvements
New Flash player
Feedback link is now under the wrench menu (“Report an issue”)
3G connection to the carrier fixes
Wi-Fi connectivity/Out of the Box fixes
New trackpad and sensitivity setting adjusted
Auto update engine and debugging improvements
Power optimizations
GTalk video/chat optimizations
Improved on screen indicators: brightness, network status, update icon

Known issues:
[Bug 15211] Angry Birds displays black screen in SD and HD version during intro video
[Bug 14592] 3g Activation does not complete first try but succeeds on second after a workaround
[Bug 13269] Chat window refuses to open, even if contacts list will
[Bug 12671] Encountered the recovery screen upon resuming from suspend (hard reboot helps)
[Bug 15085] “He’s Dead Jim” message while playing specific video in 720p

You can find a full list of fixes in ChromeOS R12 in the chromium-os bug tracker. If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our help site or filing a bug.

Photo Courtesy of Hedrinbc