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D-Wave Releases Optimal Computer For AI

A computer company called D-Wave has just announced that they are selling a computing system commercially, dubbed the D-Wave one. The D-Wave computer is a 128-qubit processor that is designed to perform intense computations. A qubit is the most basic unit of quantum information.

The processor uses quantum annealing to perform given operations. Again, for those unfamiliar with the term, quantum annealing is a mathematical operation where the extreme points of a function are determined from a given set of discrete candidate solutions. This process uses quantum fluctuations based on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle.

D-Wave is advertising that its new computer will be able to handle a host of different applications, primarily to conduct research in artificial intelligence. The company claims that the system can handle virtually any AI application that can be translated to a Markov random field (statistical model used for applications such as vision problems for computers). The company is also claiming that its processor will be the solution to solving complex problems as well as a number of theory problems. I expect that many universities will carry these D-Wave machines for artificial intelligence majors and those considering careers in computer science. Check out the photo at the top of this blog to see what a d-wave wafer looks like.

Photo Courtesy of Forbes
Photo Courtesy of kpratt