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HP Prefers USB 3.0 Over Thunderbolt

We have covered Hewlett-Packard’s many laptops and desktop computers that have recently been released, but have any of you wondered why the new computers didn’t come with Thunderbolt? According to HP, they’ve spent quite a bit of time weighing the pros and cons of high speed transfer options and found USB 3.0 to be better than Thunderbolt. HP claimed that they are still researching the advantages of Thunderbolt but haven’t found any absolute value that the company had to include the new technology on the latest computers.

Thunderbolt is a technology that was created by Intel and Apple and was implemented on the most recent MacBook Pros but hasn’t really caught on fire with the rest of the computer industry. HP’s worldwide marketing manager for desktops, Lauwaert, doesn’t believe that Thunderbolt has what it takes to beat USB 3.0, at least not yet.

Lauwaert believes that although Thunderbolt may surpass USB 3.0 in the future, he thinks that consumers are happy enough with USB 3.0 and speeds and do not seek anything “fancier” for their everyday computing. Do you as a consumer have any preference over the two technologies? Personally, I think USB 3.0 to be plenty fast as it is and don’t really see a need for thunderbolt, either. Then again, I don’t transfer terabytes of data, so perhaps my opinion would be more valid if I worked in information technology. Check out the videos below to learn more about USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt technologies.

Photo Courtesy of VIAgallery
Photo Courtesy of VIAgallery