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Modern Warfare 3 Coming Nov. 8th, 2011

We finally have an official release date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It looks like this awesome new first person shooter will hit stores on November 8th of this year and will be the official cross platform release date. Amazon is already accepting pre-orders if you’re interested in the graphics intensive game. Modern Warfare 3 is supposed to succeed in every part where its Black Ops counterpart had failed when it was released in November of 2010.

Gamers can expect to pay about $55 to $60 USD for the game on PS3 or Xbox360 and about $50 US for the PC version. The game will take the player through England, America, Germany, Russian, and France, and possibly even have some battles in the Middle East. The game will launch three days before Black Friday, uh oh! Of course, the Activision game comes just before the Christmas rush and will most likely be on the most wanted list for teenagers worldwide.

I’ve enjoyed Call of Duty games and may get it for my PC when I see a nice drop in the price, which will probably happen around springtime of 2012. I’ve always enjoyed games more when I haven’t paid the full price for them with Crysis 2 being the only exception to that rule. If you’re into first-person-shooters, I would definitely check this one out, the graphics look killer! Images on the left are from Modern Warfare 2.

Photo Courtesy of CharlieNZ
Photo Courtesy of bigdigo