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Nvidia Rolls Out Powerhouse M2090 GPU

Nvidia announced today its new Tesla M2090 graphics processor, which the company calls the world’s fastest parallel processor for the high performance computing. The graphics processing unit has a whopping 512 processing cores, compared to the usual 240-cores offered on graphics cards. Even Nvidia’s top model, the Tesla M2070 has 448 cores, making this upgrade 30% faster than its predecessor.

The M2090 can deliver a stunning performance of 1330 gigaflops. Of course, the M2090 is targeted for high performance computers since each core operates at a 1.3GHz frequency, compared to 1.15GHz core speed of M2070. The GPU can support up to 6GB of memory. Now, graphics cards using this new graphic processing unit will be mainly for high-end workstations that go through the toughest graphical operations.

This is, by no means, a graphics card that should even be considered for gaming, unless you are looking to play the latest first-person-shooter games with all the settings maxed out. I am confident that Nvidia will begin production on graphics cards later this year utilizing the new powerful GPU. Expect to pay a high price for them though, and I predict the cards will be priced $600-$1,000 and maybe even more. If you’re looking for a faster computer, invest in an upgraded processor and/or upgraded memory. I am curious what ATI has up its sleeve to combat Nvidia’s ambition.

Photo Courtesy of seanD
Photo Courtesy of RicardoC