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Sony Has Created Ultra-Fast Memory Stick

Sony Europe has just announced a new high speed flash memory stick called the PRO-HG Duo HX. Sony claims that this new memory stick is capable of reading data transfer speeds of up to 50MB/s, making it 1.6x faster than current memory stick modules and faster than any commercially available UHS-I SD card.

We will also see higher capacities later this month, ranging from 8GB to 32GB models and priced similarly to current memory stick modules. The higher performance is due in part to Sony’s new HX Engine flash memory controller that the company has been working on. The high transfer speed of 50Mbps can also be achieved when used with Sony’s brand cameras and devices, allowing for fast transfers from your gadget to your computer.

Sony will also be offering a special software that will attempt to rescue your files, at no charge to you. Get this, the new memory stick comes with a ten year warranty and prices for 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB are expected to hit $40, $80, and $130, respectively. Sony has not officially given a release date for the United States but we can definitely expect these blazing fast modules to hit stores sometime this summer. For all you gadget whizzes, hold off on upgrading your memory modules until this PRO-HG Duo HX releases, you won’t regret it! Memory modules pictured in photos are not model described in the blog.

Photo Courtesy of inju
Photo Courtesy of yuankuei