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Stolen Xperia Plays Delay Launch

If you’ve been waiting for Sony’s Xperia Play, you may have to keep waiting. The New Zealand launch was delayed not on the fault of Sony, but rather an entire shipment of Xperia Plays were stolen. Could this be the work of the same hackers who destroyed the lives of Sony executives? Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? Regardless of who stole the shipment, I wonder how they intend to sell all those Xperia’s while the feds closely monitor Craigslist and eBay for Xperia Play sales.

Do you think the thieves are smart enough to keep the stolen shipment until there are enough on the market where the feds won’t be able to tell the difference between stolen or genuine? Fortunately, the Xperia Play will be safe for US customers with a May 26th release date, and pre-orders available just a week before the release date.

Verizon Wireless will be the lucky carrier to be coupled with the playstation device and it will retail for $199.99 when uses enter a two year contract. I wonder if the stolen shipment will ever be recovered or if there is an entire group of friends enjoying their favorite playstation games on the new mobile devices! Let us know if you intend on ordering this phone as it seems to be a very cool one.

Photo Courtesy of ClintonJeff
Photo Courtesy of ClintonJeff