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Yale Offers High Resolution Photos For Free

Goodbye Getty, and Hello Yale! The American Ivy League college, Yale, is making high-resolution images available for free, and not just to its students. The academic institution will be making the high res photos from its cultural collections and have already begun uploading 250,000 images with many more to come. People can enjoy gorgeous photos from hieroglyphic inscriptions, to Mozart, to a painting by William Blake.

Once these works are digitized, museums and libraries will make those images free to those in need (especially for all the students looking to fulfill class projects.) Thankfully, Yale is taking a break from the norm of issuing a license for the transmissions of images and no limitations will be imposed on their use. How ‘Google’ of them to do this.

Because of this generosity, scholars, students, and everyone in the academic institution will be able to enjoy these masterpieces and inspire young future minds. I think it is highly commendable of Yale to be doing this and I hope it sparks a coalition of universities to begin doing the same. I hope that students and teachers will continue to give photo credits to the images they use out of respect for the artists.

Photo Courtesy of Otterman56
Photo Courtesy of tonyn