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14 Nanometer Chips, Seriously?

Intel is pumping some serious iron, err, I mean wafer chips. The company is in the development of the Airmont chips, scheduled for a 2014 release. Airmont will be a 14nm chip, requiring less power while providing intense computing for future applications. For perspective, today’s atom chips have a 45nm process, with the 32nm Medfield chips due net year, followed by 22nm Silvermont chips in 2013, and the 14nm Airmont chips in 2014.

Do you dare ask the size of Intel’s chips in ten years? I certainly hope not! So what do these sizes all mean? Well, the small the chip is, the less power is required from the battery, which leads to a much longer battery life, and a more powerful chip (something that is necessary to handle next generation applications.) With new features such as facial recognition software, and intensive features that require maximal processing power, smaller chips are absolutely essential if we are to run these apps smoothly and flawlessly.

With the fast rate of technology it would be ideal for consumers to purchase cheaper computers until the 2013 or 2014, if possible and go big when those 14nm chips come out. Of course, some of you need powerhouses at the moment, so I won’t tell anyone if you make a big 45nm purchase! How lucky we are to be living in the computer era!

Photo Courtesy of JamesT
Photo Courtesy of lilputing