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7% Of All Downloads Are Infected

Microsoft has recently claimed that one out of every 14 programs downloaded by Windows users are malicious, so be careful with your trigger-happy fingers, especially after you’ve had that second cup of coffee. Although some modern browsers have quite a few security features to help protect users against Internet danger, about 5% of these people ignore the warnings and download the malicious Trojan horse programs anyway.

Although, being an Internet user for the past 14 years, I still sometimes make the mistake of clicking through a bogus “warning” and end up downloading malware to my computer, even after 14 years of being on the Internet! Furthermore, hackers don’t just mess with browsers, but they also use a method called social engineering. Basically, this is when a hacker tries to make a specially crafted program that the user will likely wanted to open.

Such a technique was used shortly after the death of Osama Bin Laden, with false photos of the dead body. Many who clicked the images then had malware downloaded to their computer or mobile phone. In essence, know that the Internet is a dangerous place, and be careful of where you browse on the web, it isn’t all safe, not even Google images. Stay safe folks! Learn more about social engineering from the video below.

Photo Courtesy of OliverH
Photo Courtesy of webhamster