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Adobe Connect Mobile For iOS

Adobe has stated a recent push of significant updates for Adobe’s Connect Mobile web conferencing app, available for Android and the BlackBerry playbook. Adobe is happy to announce that the app is now available for Apple’s iOS, giving users the chance to use the awesome web application on their favorite iphone devices. The company claims that this is the first version to be optimized for the iPad and describe the new features included in the application.

The first feature is multi-point video conferencing with the new Adobe Connect Mobile offering support for both the rear and forward facing cameras of the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4. The application detects whether the device has two cameras and then provides the option to use one or the other, giving the user to switch to a different camera at any point in the midst of a broadcasting.

Consumers with the application will also be able to make use with Meeting Overview, with the ability to watch all the activities happening in the meeting at the same time. The user will be able to tap or navigate to focus in on any one meeting activity such as a powerpoint presentation. Apple users can download the new app, here. Check out the video below to hear Adobe talk about this new app for iOS.

Photo Courtesy of ramyo
Photo Courtesy of mayuki