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New App Can Deposit Checks With Just A Photo

PayPal Mobile app just launched for Android Marketplace reported by the MobileCrunchearlier.
The app has been available for iPhone and BlackBerry users since last year. The app has a cool new little feature called “Mobile Check Capture”. All you have to do is snap a photo of both the front and the back of the check with your phone’s camera, and then watch as the amount on the check is automatically credited to your PayPal account. Yes it is that easy!
After fifteen days, you can shred the check if you want. The Mobile Check Capture for the PayPal app is run by BankServ, which incorporates Mitek Systems’ patented, market-leading mobile Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) technology.
The app can also free more memory onto a SD card to free up internal memory on your mobile device however this function still needs work. The app will find local businesses that accept PayPal payments. The app is also free for most users!

Photo Courtesy of Telstar
Photo Courtesy of Saadirfa