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BMW Makes Turns Safer With New Assistant

BMW is usually recognized for performance, but now they are more interested in high tech safety. In an attempt to make left turn and U-turns safer for drivers, BMW has developed what is called a “left turn assistant”. It is an accident prevention system that combines navigation, camera, laser and vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology.

The left turn assistant system automatically activates. First it will use the vehicle positioning function from the navigation system to detect when the car is within a meter of an intersection. If the car is within a meter of an intersection then it will use a camera to locate road markings and borders typically used to indication a turn-off or left-turn lane.

Also, laser technology is used to detect cars within 100 meters of the car. If the car is heading towards another car to closely an alarm will go off to notify the driver. To protect the driver from accidents the left turn assistant will automatically bring the car to a complete stop with the brakes. This feature will on work when the car is going 6-10mph. There is no official set release date for the new technology.

Photo courtesy of Nordique nordique
Photo courtesy of Adwater abwaters