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Don’t Let Your Earphones Hurt You

According to CrunchGear, one of the problems of in-ear headphones is that although they offer sharp sound, they also block all movement of air inside the air canal which is necessary to control the sound environment, but may also be fatiguing and damaging to your eardrum. Fortunately, an audio researcher named Stephen Ambrose has found a way to both improve the sound quality while still protecting the ears.

The device is a second eardrum that is made of thin polymer and is placed inside the earphones, thereby reducing static pressure while producing the same sound pressure. Consumers would have to purchase them separately from the earphones or headphones and install them at home.

If you’re interested, they are called the Diaphonic Ear Lens and are expected to debut in a few weeks. I’m glad that somebody invented something like this because I used to work out with music ear phones jammed into my ears for “better sound quality”, (AKA, to experience deeper bass). I hope I didn’t already damage my ears too much, but from what I hear, the ear can recover so long as you don’t subject them to too much continuous abuse, much like every other organ in your body (your brain, your heart, your liver, etc.) We’ve got a resilient human body that is capable of bouncing back after making a mistake or two, just make sure you don’t form any bad habits.

Photo Courtesy of withassociates
Photo Courtesy of kimli