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Meet The Invincible Antec Dark Fleet 85

Techradar has just posted a review on the Antec Dark Fleet 85 and it looks like quite a show. The Dark Fleet 85 is a full tower computer chassis that computer builders use as the main shell of the computer. It is only a computer case, interested consumers will also have to buy all the computer components if they are looking to build a complete, working computer.

The Antec Dark Fleet 85 features a removable dust-catching grill much like the Antec 1200 and has a front 120mm fan with red LED lighting. The doors can be locked shut from inside the case which would make it ideal for LAN parties. There are a total of 9 3.5″ bays to allow for many hard drives if the user is looking to maximize storage.

Unfortunately, while there aren’t any screw-free setups, a computer builder shouldn’t be building if he or she is afraid of using a screw driver. Within this full tower is a total of seven case fans, three in the front, two in the roof, and two in the back, each having its own set of red LED light and own speed controls. The case falls under $200, which makes it typical of a sturdy steel full-tower chassis by Antec. I own an Antec 1200 and am very pleased with the quality and durability (despite it being extremely heavy) of the case. Antec makes great computer cases and I highly recommend you check them out if you’re looking for a) a better cooling solution or b) more space for better hardware. Check out the video below for a review of the case (different review).

Photo Courtesy of techradar
Photo Courtesy of techradar