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Let Your MP3 Player Stay Dry In Rain

The new H2O Audio Amphibx Fit Armband allows you to jog in wet weather while keeping your MP3 player dry and protected. While it isn’t the prettiest enclosure in the world, who cares when it comes to protecting your music and usually expensive mp3 device, or cell phone even! If you have an unlimited mobile data plan, you can play Pandora on your phone while you jog in the rain.

Now what about your headphones, what if you want to jog without getting those destroyed and you don’t feel like wearing a bulky hoodie? Okay, well check out H2O’s Audio Surge 2G headphones. The pair will set you back $50 but are also waterproof, allowing users to enjoy their music in rain or shine.

Now, I don’t recommend taking a swim with the waterproof case or earbuds, as I don’t think this type of gear was meant for regular use under water. Although, if you’re the type who needs to get their exercise no matter what, I highly recommend investing in this protective gear for your all your audio needs. And of course, remember to stretch and drink lots of water too! Check out the video to see how surfers utilize the protective gear!

Photo Courtesy of wired
Photo Courtesy of wired