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Obama Reserves Right To Bomb Hackers

Has our President been hanging around with George Bush a bit much lately? One may guess that based on what Obama has recently said. In a personal foreword (link to webpage with PDF) to document International Strategy for Cyberspace, the President claimed that the country would preserve the character of cyberspace and reduce the threats faced. President O-bomb-a reserves the right to take military action against cyber-terrorists who attempt to hack into the U.S. government.

He says “When warranted, the United States will respond to hostile acts in cyberspace as we would any other threat to our country.” The document continues to say that “The United States will ensure that the risks associated with attacking or exploiting our networks vastly outweighs the potential benefits.” The United States also reserves the right to attack friendly countries, as Osama Bin Laden was killed just miles away from our ally, Pakistan.

President Obama says that military force will only be used as the last resort, but the United States will take any cyber attack with the utmost serious response. I feel that this is a different Obama than one we are used to seeing, but I like it. I have a feeling that this document was produced because Osama Bin Laden was recently killed and the Taliban have promised to seek revenge upon the U.S, hopefully this document will give us the “fair notice” to defend ourselves in case there is another attack on U.S. soil.

Photo Courtesy of JamesRea
Photo Courtesy of JanS