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Sharp AQUOS IS11H Has Surprising Twist

Sharp will be rolling out a new AQUOS phone (shown top), this time with a interesting twist. The new phone has a slide-out numeric key, talk about old school! I would hate to buy that phone on impulse in a store, slide-out the keyboard and instead of typing an easy text on the expected QWERTY keyboard, experience shock and horror while staring back at those numeric keys. The phone also looks like it has a 4-way directional key, oldddd school!

Let’s get down to the hardware, which is much more impressive than that keypad. The phone will have a roaring 1.4GHz MSM8655 Snapdragon processor, featuring 1.2GB of internal storage, a 3.7″ screen with a 960 x 540 resolution touchscreen. If those zippy specs didn’t already take you, know that this phone also supports glasses-free 3D, runs on the latest Android mobile OS, Gingerbread, and features an 8MP camera that will allow consumers to shoot 3D video and snap some awesome life-like shots.

With Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and a TV Tuner, who could ask for anything more? We’re definitely not going to see this phone go on sale in America as it seems to be geared to the Asian markets. We are also not yet sure of a price or a release date, either, but I would guess around $500 – $700 retail just based on the hardware (without contract).

Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo
Photo Courtesy of rafe