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Sprint And Verizon Are Passing Up T-Mobile and At&t

Sprint is not the biggest of most of the major cell phone carries, but customers are most pleased with their customer service. There was a survey done for the American Consumer Satisfaction that reflects the pleased customers of Sprint Nextel. The survey was done by 8,000 people.

The survey showed that the customers were much happier with Sprint than its competitors T-Mobile and AT&T. Three years ago Sprint was at the bottom of the list for satisfaction ratings; now it is tied with Verizon. AT&T and T-mobiles satisfaction for costumers depressing dropped three points from last years survey.

Sprint got a score of 72 out of 100 which shows that they still have plenty of room to make improvement and are not blowing away all the other competitors. Interestingly the carries that scored the best were the smaller carries that are not even in the top 4. The statistics are interesting to see because T-Mobile and AT&T are combining and they both have poor scores. Hopefully these poor scores can be improved if they combine forces.

Photo Courtesy of Mlcastle
Photo Courtesy of (M)Factr